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About us

Who we are

At Hello Customer we believe in the importance of customer feedback as a driver for organizational change. We offer an enterprise feedback platform, from conversational surveying over revolutionary text analytics to the crucial tools to close the loop. And we're not done yet!

At Hello Customer, we strive to be a stimulating environment, built around people. Working at Hello Customer means that you enjoy an enormous amount of trust, freedom and responsibility. As a rule for hiring, we hire first by mindset, then by skills. Our team consists of creative, client-oriented, responsible, passionate and open-minded people.

As an attitude, we think big, act fast and learn from everything we do. We keep both feet on the ground but dare to dream about creating a nicer world in which all companies offer great experiences to their customers. So we are very proud at times and modest at all times.

Other than that, we don't care about your background, degree, marital state, colour, religion, we even allow vegans (but that took some internal lobbying... just kidding). We simply value people, and we're keen to get to know you and find those values in you we love so much. 

Besides our shared passion for true customer experience, we're a bunch of 20, 30 and 40 somethings that enjoy hard work but at the same time enjoy life. We love a good party or barbecue and never say no to a fresh beer or cocktail.

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What we stand for:

We are on an ambitious mission to improve, a perpetual work in progress.

We encourage open communication, we are passionate about helping customers and colleagues and we are building on a CX mindset all together!

We are eager to learn, we adapt and improve.

We make the complex simple.

We take ownership of our own role and work with a high degree of autonomy. 

We value, share and celebrate each other’s success.

Don't take life too seriously, it isn't permanent. Work is also fun & exciting!