Account Executive (CX Expert) | Ghent

Job description

At Hello Customer we believe in the importance of customer feedback as a driver for organisational change. We are an enterprise technology company that offers an A to Z feedback programme, from conversational survey methods over revolutionary analytics to the crucial tools to close the loop. More importantly, we are human above all other things, and value human connections. 

Our Account Executives (what's in a name?) are experts at customer centricity and customer culture. They do more than just sales. Moreover, sales is the outcome of what they do best: help CX professionals and C-Level people reach their CX ambitions, with sound advice and with the offering of our powerful platform.

When you join this team, you join the ranks of highly passionate individuals who strongly believe that customer-focused organisations will win. You will join a group of people that listen before they speak, that understand before they advice.

As an addition to our Account Executive Team, you will:


  • Build relations with executives in marketing, HR, retail, operations and market intelligence in a variety of industries throughout Europe. At a certain point you will choose an industry focus and become an expert in it. Perhaps you already are proficient in retail, banking, insurance, hospitality, automotive, travel, services?
  • You listen closely to the pains of potential customers and reach out to help them overcome them.
  • Alongside our broadcasting team, you love sharing content with the right people through the right channels.
  • You work closely with our customer success colleagues, to create business cases in preparation of closing deals.
  • You focus mainly on selling a solution to a need, not features of a product.


  • You have experience with Customer Experience as a consultant or you have been a CX professional yourself
  • You have sales skills, either by experience or by design
  • You are a strong communicator and have a strong ability to build trust and relationships
  • You have a good positive mentality to closing deals
  • You thrive on targets
  • You know the worth of a good CRM, so you are able to make it work for you to be more efficient at your sales endeavours
  • You are fluent in either Dutch or English and/or another EU language.

Nice to know :

  • You are never alone: you can count a team of sales, marketing and customer success people.
  • We have a great office in Ghent but we love to be on the road, in all the main innovative hubs of Europe, working mobile and connected to the mothership.
  • We are a growing team, always in for a good joke but mostly passionate about helping customers – all in our own particular field.